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"Girl on Fire" (2018) Jody Paulsen

Iziko Museums, including the National Gallery, will be closed from 18th March to 7th April

in support of measures to limit the spread of the corona virus.  
Jody Paulsen, "Girl on Fire", 2018, felt collage
"Girl on Fire" (2018) Jody Paulsen

“Matereality” – an exhibition on South African and African artworks that use materials in deliberate, surprising and innovative ways...

"Matereality" unpacks how artists have used materials, whether directly or indirectly, to raise questions - Questions about larger societal concerns, ecological challenges, and or formalistic ones. The imaginative use of materials reminds us that in a time of increasing ecological challenges and decreasing resources, it is even more important than ever for us to reimagine and re-contextualise the material world around us.
Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year 2020
"This song is for..." Gabrielle Goliath

“This song is for...” – exhibition of Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year Gabrielle  Goliath

"This song is for..." is a visual and sonic immersive installation.  It is a collaboration by Gabrielle Goliath and survivors of rape.  The survivors choose a song that has personal significance to them.  Goliath then work with a group of women and gender-queer led musical ensembles in close collaboration to reinterpret and re-perform the chosen songs, in this way creating and performing dedication songs to the survivors.  The songs are played in sequence, each contains a sonic disruption, a stanza that is repeated like "a broken record", like the space of traumatic recall.  The survivors' shared written reflection form part of the installation.  
Drawing from the Collection
"Pegasus" (2003) Hentie van der Merwe

“Drawing from the Collection" now on

"Drawing from the Collection" showcases the variety of drawings and works on paper from the national collection.  It includes works from prominent and unknown visual artists working in different styles, types of paper and drawing mediums, showing drawings' open nature and complexity.  Rather than just a form of draft towards a fully realised work, a drawing can be an undiluted and immediate form of expression of the artist's ideas.